Sex Robots: The Third Sexual Revolution (Part 2/2)

NSFW, sexually vivid, and touches on sensitive socio-political topics. You’ve been warned! If you haven't already, highly recommend reading part 1 first. TL;DR (part 2) Quickly dissolving social stigma around sex and love, including increasing openness to alternative sexual preferences, as well as technology-augmented masturbation and dating apps, lays the groundwork for the third sexual [...]

Sex Robots: The Third Sexual Revolution (Part 1/2)

NSFW, sexually vivid, and touches on sensitive socio-political topics. You've been warned! TL;DR (part 1) If your partner has sex with an extremely realistic sex robot that's indistinguishable from a human, would you consider that cheating? The line is blurrier than you may think. The confluence of materials science, robotics, AI, and AR will likely [...]

Ergodicity: the Most Over-Looked Assumption

Consider two ways of making purple. Method 1: Alternate red and blue squares. With enough squares, purple emerges. Method 2: Alternate red and blue at various time intervals. With short enough intervals, purple emerges. Method 1 made changes in the space (ensemble) dimension. Method 2 made changes in the time (temporal) dimension. Both converged to [...]

Common Knowledge: Why I Stopped Avoiding Mass Media

TL;DR Common knowledge is information that everyone believes is shared by everyone else. It's not what the crowd believes. It's what the crowd believes what the crowd believes.  It's an integral part of game theory and critical in understanding how group behaviour changes based on new information. While this concept may not be entirely new, [...]

Single Sentence Summaries for Every Book I Read in 2019

More like key take-aways than summaries.   Throughout history people have wanted similar things (freedom, security etc) – the challenge is finding the right balance for the right place at the right time.   While riddled with its unique regional challenges, business opportunities in Africa are underrated.   Human behaviour is incredibly complex: much of [...]