Timeline of Modern Russia (1991-present)

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(Jul) West German chancellor meets Soviet president Gorbachev, offering him financial aid to tolerate German reunification under NATO
(Oct) Germany reunified

Economy plummets in 90s


– (Aug) Failed military coup in Russia accelerates Gorbachev resignation
– (Dec 25th) Gorbachev resigns and announces dissolution of Soviet Union into 15 states.
– (Dec 26th) Soviet Union dissolved; Russian federation established
– Putin leaves KGB, becomes deputy mayor of St Petersburg, gains oligarch and mafia support

1992: Mujahideen forces removes Soviet-backed government in Afghanistan; and establish Islamic State government; but instability ensues.

1994: Muslin separatist violence in Chechnya

(Aug) Russian Financial Crisis: defaults on its bonds
(Sep) New Russian PM Primakov stabilizes collapsing ruble, and carries out major tax reform; but dismissed by president Yeltsin in May99.

– (Aug) Yeltsin appoints ex-KGB Putin to become Russia PM to suppress Chechnyan uprising.
Eastern European nations join NATO.
– (Aug) Chechen rebel bombings in Russia; Putin vows revenge and gains popularity; Chechnya wars bring it back under Russia’s control
-(Dec) Yeltsin resigns making Putin interim president; Putin wins election in Mar00

2000: Putin elected Russian president.

(Mar) Last nationwide independent TV channel in Russia is axed.
(Sep) Kyrgyzstan grants Russia its first military base abroad to counter terrorism.
(Oct) 1st gen Russian oil oligarch Khordorkovsky arrested as Putin further consolidates power (trial again in Dec10)

– 10 former Soviet satellites join EU
– Beslan Chechnyan attacks followed by Putin further centralizing power

2005: Russia and Iran sign deal; Russia will supply fuel for nuclear reactor.

(Mar) Putin-loyal Medvedev wins presidential election as Putin cannot serve third consecutive term; Putin appointed as PM.
(Aug) Russia invades Georgia, supporting separatists

2009: (Feb) $25b Russia-China deal; Russia supplies oil for next 20 years; China supplies loans.

2012: Putin re-elected president for third term

(Feb-May) Russia annexes Crimea from Ukraine amidst protests; sanctions imposed on Russia by West; biggest Russia-West conflict since Cold War.
Russia increases weapons deals with India (40% Russia’s military exports go to India in 2020)

2016: Russia backs Assad in Syrian Civil War

(Apr) Russia invades Ukraine

(Jun) Wagner Group debacle

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