Hi there, I’m Daesol, a strategy manager at a tech start-up based in Sydney.

Perpetually curious about how the world works, most of my leisure time goes into indulging in books.

Mostly non-fiction: science, technology, history, politics, business, finance, economics, society, philosophy, psychology, leadership, and the human condition.

Here’s a list of every book on my bookshelf.

This site is a curation of the most interesting ideas I come across, as well as summaries for the best books.

Longer posts are usually the product of deep thought and research, often involving drawing connections between different disciplines.

Shorter posts are usually more of a curation of fascinating ideas, conveyed in a digestible format.

Book related posts include summaries, reviews, reading tips etc.

The motivating spirit is to simplify complexity, and promote transdisciplinary thinking (drawing connections between, and borrowing ideas from different disciplines) to enhance your work and life.

Does this sound like your kind of thing?

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And here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

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