Hi, I’m Daesol, a tech start-up business strategy guy based in Sydney.

I’ve long been curious about how the world works and this website is a collection of my inner nerding.

Let me first give you a tour of my online home.

1. Underrated-concepts. These are my longer form essays. Deep dives on powerful ideas that are unfamiliar to most, and underrated by many. Most popular to date:

2. How-we-got-to-now style essays tell stories that are not very well known, and challenges conventional narratives by retelling old ones. These stories tend to dance inside the intersection of technology, business, society, finance, and history. 

3. Something-big-is-happening-here style essays are written with a similar spirit as above, but are more concerned with the megatrends unfolding now and tomorrow. I place particular emphasis on topics and issues with substantial second-order effects that are all too often overlooked.

4. Mental-models are shorter introductory articles. Mental models are representations of how things work. They’re incredibly useful cognitive tools that aid in quickly grasping complicated ideas, solving complex problems, and making difficult decisions. The true power of mental models lies in their high degree of multidisciplinary generalisability.

5. Strategy-and-management are my notes on business problem solving. Ranging from high-level corporate strategy to tactical execution lessons. Functional management practices to leading high-performing teams. Haven’t published any yet, but several are sitting in my drafts – coming soon 🙂

6. Become-better are more practical and directly applicable articles.

8. Book-lists are… well, really just lists of books I’ve read…

…including the single sentence summaries of every book I read each year:

I’ve also put together a list of every book on my book shelf – along with ratings and some quick commentary on each. With too many books out there and such little time, hopefully this makes it easier for you discover what you might want to read next!

9. Visual-timelines. I’ve found most history timelines out there either too detailed, or not detailed enough. They’re also too one-dimensional in disciplinarity and too text-heavy. I’m after more maps and charts. And so, I’ve created my own Visual Timeline Series. Some examples:

10. Newsletters. Whenever I’ve accumulated enough interesting things to share, I send out an email newsletter. Cadence is intentionally irregular as I hold the belief that there’s no point spamming your inbox for the sake of weekly/fortnightly consistency. Here is an archive of my past newsletters. Subscribe here:

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List of every book on my bookshelf

Below are mosaics of the books I read in recent years. This should give you a glimpse into the topics I’m interested in.

I used to read a lot of business, self-help, and psychology. Over time, my reading shifted more towards political history, economics, and finance. Then there’s a bit of science, philosophy, and sociology thrown in there.

Every book I read in 2021:

Every book I read in 2020:

Every book I read in 2019:

Every book I read in 2018: