Sex Robots: The Third Sexual Revolution (Part 1/2)

NSFW, sexually vivid, and touches on sensitive socio-political topics. You've been warned! TL;DR (part 1) If your partner has sex with an extremely realistic sex robot that's indistinguishable from a human, would you consider that cheating? The line is blurrier than you may think. The confluence of materials science, robotics, AI, and AR will likely [...]

Ergodicity: the Most Over-Looked Assumption

Consider two ways of making purple. Method 1: Alternate red and blue squares. With enough squares, purple emerges. Method 2: Alternate red and blue at various time intervals. With short enough intervals, purple emerges. Method 1 made changes in the space (ensemble) dimension. Method 2 made changes in the time (temporal) dimension. Both converged to [...]