Lords of War: A Visual Exploration of Military Might

This is a curation of charts and visuals that convey the state of global military power. The top 15 spenders: one of the best proxies for military strength and capabilities. And here's the top 40, better conveying the regional spheres of influence. Table of with various indicators of military strength. # Military personnel should account [...]

Single Sentence Summaries for Every Book I Read in 2021

In keeping with tradition, here are my single sentence 'summaries' for every book I read in 2021. Rated 5/5: Man's Search for Meaning, Great Game, Righteous Mind, Destiny Disrupted. Rated 4.5/5: Misbehaviour of Markets, Thinking in Systems, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Psychology of Money, Age of Revolution, Science, Strategy, and War, Changing World [...]

Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel [quotes and notes]

Many personal finance books recycle the same content: build frugal habits, buy assets not liabilities, dollar cost average into indexes, understand power of compound interest, reframe your mindset etc. Despite this, it's no surprise they continue to capture people's attention. Wealth, greed, and happiness are timeless themes that remain on the top of many people's [...]